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Chapter One

Go to, and take the free persuasion skills assessment. It helps you and it helps our research.  I will even let you test drive my Persuasion Software.  This persuasion software systematizes the persuasion process.  Wondering what to say or do next while you are persuading others?  Find out and follow what great persuaders do and say during persuasion.

Chapter Two

What is your personal Wobegon Effect? Do you suffer from the Wobegon Effect?  Where do your talents and traits compare to the real world?  If you really want to know – Click Here

Chapter Three

The use of mental programming will sharpen your focus, make your investments of time and energy more productive. Do you want to know your strengths and weaknesses?  Take your millionaire IQ at  If you want financial independence you need to think, act and do what millionaires do

Chapter Four

I have identified twelve laws of persuasion that work below the radar. My book Maximum Influence is devoted to an in-depth study of these principles, and their mastery is critical to anyone desiring to be a skilled persuader. For an overview of the 12 laws of persuasion -  click here

Chapter Five

So, do you attract or repel people?  Sure you answer in the affirmative, but it is not what you think, but what your audience thinks.  Do you really want to know?  Click Here to find out what are doing to repel your audience.

Chapter Six

How trustworthy are you?  Do you have the credibility to gain the trust of your audience?  As you know no credibility – no trust.  Click Here to take your credibility evaluation.

Chapter Seven

Do you want to know the top 10 dark tactics of unethical people?  Warning: these are not for you to use.  There are for your understanding and preparation only.  When you are prepared for these dark tactics you will be prepared to handle them in an honorable and ethical fashion.  Click Here to download and listen to the 10 dark forms of power.

Chapter Eight

Do you have charisma?   You might think so, but do others really think about you?  Do you attract people and do they want to be influenced by you?  Do you repel people and don’t even know it?  Do you possess the 10 traits of charismatic people.   Take your Charisma IQ Assessment at and find out.

Chapter Nine

Motivation is a true art. When you understand human nature and the role influence plays in it, you will not only be able to motivate, but you will also have earned the right to motivate and inspire others.  If you want to stay on track, download your motivation system and audio instruction.  This will enable you to stick to your goals, dreams and passions.

Chapter Ten

How do you give the perfect presentation?  What are the skills that will make you top of your profession?  How do you design your message?  How can you become the master story teller?  Click Here and find out the crucial elements of a perfect persuasive presentation.

Chapter Eleven

Can you set your goals?  Do you really want to be a great persuader?  You know deep down that goals will make the difference between mediocrity and success.  Top persuaders have their goals in writing.  Do you want the goal system?  Do you finally want to achieve your main objective?  Get your goal mastery system and audio instructions. and achieve your goals and desires in life.

Chapter Twelve

Personal development is the key to a successful future. Do you want to learn the cutting edge tools of persuasion?  Are you going to treat yourself like a do-it-yourself project.  Join a recorded webinar on the new and improved forms of persuasion.  Click Here

Final Thoughts

Stay in touch with my latest findings and research.  Join my free newsletter and participate in my workshops, coaching or trainings.  I would also love to track your success with my latest Persuasion IQ Assessment.  Go to for more information.

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